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To improve human behavior and wise relationships in the workplace and in life.

My work is focused on people.
People are part of families, communities and/or companies and their well-being affects the environment and relationships within the groups to which they belong. 

Human-centered skills are missing in the workplace today, and yet they are exactly what are needed. Every employee, leader and client you interact with is after all, human. Read on to find out more.

Workshops, one-on-one training and online sessions. I adapt my meditation guidelines to suit your needs and lifestyle and help you achieve your personal goals. Read on to find out more about my services.


SIY participant (2022)

Patricia has the ability to efficiently but humanely transmit the information, so as to leave all the participants more at ease. I valued the use of personal examples to showcase how a certain practice applied to real life. I valued the body language and the verbal expression, for being very calm and reassuring.

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