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"The ideals that have lighted my way, have been

Kindness, Beauty, and Truth."

A. Einstein

Patrícia is an IT Expert that became a meditation teacher and spiritual activist in the modern world.

She is a versatile, multivalent trainer and facilitator passionate about personal development, education, and social permaculture with +6 years leading mindfulness practice in the workplace setting, council groups, involved in learning community projects and more than 20 years as an IT teams & project manager.

She holds a MSc degree in Computer Science and Business Management, from ISCTE, Lisbon, Waldorf Education teacher degree and certifications from several renowned institutes. Patrícia is a Search Inside Yourself certified teacher (by SIY Leadership Institute), Mindfulness Meditation certified teacher (by Greater Good Science Center at the University of California, Berkeley) and certified professional trainer (by IEFP, Lisbon). She also studied Theory U, Life Coaching and The Way of Council approaches.

Patrícia uses her versatility and multi-valence approaches to bring creative solutions and tools that build on emotional intelligence skills in teamwork and leadership. 


"Born and raised in a small Portuguese city, I was eager to get out and expand horizons besides the warmth family and beloved friends. After attending college in Lisbon, my life took speed and direction a bit out of control through big companies, IT consultancy, teams and project management. However, curiosity and inner call took me to search for personal and spiritual development tools.

Just stop and breath deeply... ground yourself and bring focus to the present moment.   

I'm passionate about helping and supporting people, bringing a disruptive approach to stress management in the work environment and life in general, where emotional awareness and authenticity are the driver for human connection.

After more than 20 years I accepted the vision of making life even more meaningful by reconnecting with my inner purpose, with what really makes me happy and alive. Embodying this vision meant a completely change in my professional career, facing and surfing with joy all the risks and challenges this movement could bring."

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