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Mentorship 1:1


Bi-weekly sessions, by appointment


8 sessions ( 1h)

About the Mentorship

Every month I meet with one or more of my teachers to talk about the challenges that life brings me. It is a very precious time to adjust or confirm the choices in my path, or how they affect me. We speak from a deep place of listening and sharing about work, meditative practice, personal relationships or just to fit in and clarify new ideas that have arisen.


And in this safe space, I feel seen, valued and this brings me a deep feeling of tranquility, but also of great vulnerability – lowering my masks, accepting with curiosity what arises, I learn to accept myself fully, to listen and to honor my inner rhythm and overcome emotional and behavioral patterns that once harmed me.

And it is in this spirit of surrender and deep listening that I offer one-on-one mentoring sessions for people who are not looking to be told what to do, but instead want to awaken and elevate their inner wisdom.

My intention is to support you on clarifying and discovering all the wisdom that already exists within you, as you face the situations in your life, as you heal and grow through change.

For who

People I worked with directly were helped in:

- finding clarity an direction about their authentic style of leadership, of being in life and of relating positively to themselves and others
- developing an empathetic and authentic communication practice
- defining transformation and career change strategies
- emotional healing after processes of change, such as breakouts, job change or loss, becoming a mother/father...
- finding internal resources that support them to respond with greater discernment and serenity in face of pressure, uncertainty and emotional stress (resilience)
- unlock creativity, focus and regain confidence in the creative process
- establishing healthy practices that provide balance between life and work
- deepening the practice of meditation in the context of Buddhist psychology

Let's to talk about the process, for you to feel and decide if you want to embark on this journey (30 min)!



What's included

- 8 personalised sessions adapted to your needs

- deep listening and practical guidance 

- free access to thematic circles (1x month)

- suggestions for readings and practices, if needed


8 sessions, 60 min each, bi-weekly
By appointment


Lisbon - Cascais (in-person)



Patrícia Canela

Patrícia is an Emotional Intelligence and Meditation teacher, Life coach, with a solid background in the IT business world.
Holding a full presence and deep listening, she is committed to support people and organisations to bring out the best in themselves and to flourish in life.
At work environment, she uses her versatility and multi-valence approaches to bring creative solutions and tools that build on emotional intelligence skills in teamwork and leadership.

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