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Stress management




4 weekly sessions (1h30m)


About the Course

Transform the grip that stress has in your life so you can be happier, healthier and more productive. Throughout this training you will learn how to bring awareness to your life, moment-to-moment, learning mindfulness tools that helps you create new routines and shift emotional overwhelming to well-being. Mindfulness is a power of mind that helps us to recognize what's happening, without added commentary or judgement. It involves maintaining a moment-by-moment awareness of various aspects of our experience, including thoughts, body sensations and feelings. It's a faculty that can help us to be present with our inner world - even if what we find there is devastating.

For who

People who want to manage and transform internal turmoil, whether caused by work or by the social context. You will understand the natural tendency of the mind to be distracted and scattered; You will learn ways to create space to respond wisely rather than react, exploring how this shapes experience and quality of life.


Thursdays, lunch time
15/Sept, 22/Sept, 29/Sept and 6/Oct/2022
12:30 - 2:00 pm


on Zoom

Your Instructor

Patrícia Canela

Patrícia Canela

Patrícia is an IT Expert and certified meditation teacher, passionate about personal development, education and sustainable communities.
Holding a full presence and deep listening, she is committed to support people and organizations to bring out the best in themselves and to flourish in life.
At work environment, she uses her versatility and multi-valence approaches to bring creative solutions and tools that build on emotional intelligence skills in teamwork and leadership.

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