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The Importance of Being Seen and Heard in a Safe Space

Every month, I meet with my teachers or mentors to discuss the challenges that life brings my way. These are precious moments to adjust or confirm the choices I make on my path, or to understand how they affect me. These meetings occur with attentive and deep listening, going beyond words, no matter what might be happening in my life.

In this safe space, I feel seen, valued, which brings me a profound sense of tranquility but also great vulnerability. With the trust I feel, I allow to accept myself, more and more, to listen and honor my inner rhythm, and to transform emotional patterns that may still be harming me. It's an essential pillar of my self-discovery journey, where I learn, grow, and develop without fear of judgment or criticism.

Mentorship 1:1

It is in this context of empathy, dedication, and deep listening that I offer individual mentorship sessions for people who want to awaken and elevate their inner wisdom.

With the power of welcoming and curiosity, we awaken the power of innate wisdom that has been hidden throughout your life, layer upon layer, by mistakes, perceptions, and beliefs that now only hinder.

The mentorship process includes 8 bi-weekly sessions.

We set objectives, examine what is not working in your work, career, or personal life, and define how to make changes to overcome what blocks you, what prevents you from achieving your well-being and success.

I offer deep listening, practical guidance, accountability, and inspiration, with a strong focus on social justice analysis.

People I work with typically seek to:

- Find their authentic style of leadership, being in life, and relating positively to themselves and others.

- Develop a practice of empathetic and authentic communication.

- Define transformation and/or career change strategies.

- Emotional healing after processes of change, such as the end of a relationship, loss or job change, becoming new parents...

- Build resilience in the face of pressure and uncertainty.

- Discover internal resources that support them in responding with greater discernment and serenity in the face of exhaustion and emotional stress.

- Gain clarity and direction around their leadership style.

- Unlock creativity, focus, and regain confidence in the creative process.

- Establish healthy practices that provide balance between life and work.

- Deepen their meditation practice within the context of Buddhist psychology.


Get in touch to learn more or schedule a complimentary 30-minute exploratory session or click the link for more information on my website.

With gratitude,


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