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Search Inside Yourself


on request


2 full days + 28 integrative daily practices


Sobre o Curso

Originally developed at Google, Search Inside Yourself teaches practical mindfulness, emotional intelligence and leadership tools to unlock your full potential at work and in life.

Search Inside Yourself takes an evidence-based approach combining neuroscience, attention-training and emotional intelligence.

The program provides practical tools that can be applied immediately in life or at work. We start with a foundation of mindfulness, and build the core emotional intelligence domains that lead to outstanding leadership.

Para quem

Companies and institutions from all sectors concerned in creating a positive workplace ecosystem, wanting to promote among their employees the ability to focus, motivation, resilience and well-being, which might result in a more empathetic work environment and better overall performance and productivity.


Full weekend
8 and 9/Oct/2022


on Zoom


Patrícia Canela

Patrícia Canela

Patrícia is an IT Expert and certified meditation teacher, passionate about personal development, education and sustainable communities.
Holding a full presence and deep listening, she is committed to support people and organizations to bring out the best in themselves and to flourish in life.
At work environment, she uses her versatility and multi-valence approaches to bring creative solutions and tools that build on emotional intelligence skills in teamwork and leadership.

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